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Innovative Hydrogen Aspiration Technology (IHAT) is an international company with the aim of
meeting the world’s growing demand for cleaner and better environment.

At Innovative Hydrogen Aspiration Technology, we all come to work every day because we
aspire to solve one of the world’s biggest environmental problems; reduction in greenhouse
gases. We as a team share in our founder’s dream of working towards a world where the next
generation will enjoy a clean environment free from any kind of air pollution.

Currently the world is dependent upon the internal combustion engine. In Europe, for example,
the transportation accounts for about 22% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while North
America contributes nearly 50% of all GHGs. The reasons are simple; Engines running on
fossils-based fuels, such as gasoline or diesel, have a combustion efficiency of only 34%-40%.
This results in significant levels of unburned hydrocarbons being released into the atmosphere as
harmful GHGs with its attended environmental and health problems.

We at IHAT are of the conviction that, there is a better, more convenient, cost effective,
environmental friendly and sustainable way to solving this problem using the i-phi ™

The i-phi ™ technology is an on-board module which generates hydrogen on-demand. This unit
is an easy retrofit to any existing internal combustion engine or as an OEM product that works
on any internal combustion engine.

The i-phi ™ technology does not only reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions but reduces fuel
consumption to a minimum of 10%-20%. It also increases the horsepower and torque of engines
to 4-5% which goes a long way to prolong the engine life and reduces maintenance costs.

Furthermore, it is our aim to be Global leaders in all renewable energy technologies such as
solar, geothermal, tidal and wind. This will sure let our children inherit a cleaner and safer


Innovative Hydrogen Aspiration Technology (India) Private Limited brings to you a product that Reduce
Greenhouse Gases or GHG Reduces Diesel consumption and Reduces Overall expenses to company.


We at IHAT believe that the future of the earth depends on employing environmentally friendly
technologies for our day-today needs. In meeting the demands of our customers, we always focus
on our guiding principles as stated below.

a. We conduct our businesses with respect and care for the environment and without
compromising the health and safety of people, whether employees, customers or citizens
around the world.
b. We continuously improve our business processes while meeting or exceeding legal or
regulatory requirements and appropriate international standards.
c. We provide a high quality product and service to make our customers successful and add
value to our business.
d. We provide an environment for open and transparent communication of QHSE matters.
e. We recognize that the skills and involvement of our employees are essential for
understanding and fulfilling the needs of our company and customers, thereby providing
the necessary resources to achieve our vision.


a. Reducing/Eliminating Emission ( Black Smoke ) exiting from the exhaust (GHG)
b. Reducing Fuel consumption by 5%-20 depending on application
c. Reducing overall fleet maintenance / Servicing cost to the company and
increasing Engine lifespan.
d. Reducing the impact on Health, Environment caused due to contaminated and
sub-standard Diesel in Trucks,
Generators, LMV’s.

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