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Buses may contribute to atmospheric and noise pollution in cities. The principal reasons for pollution caused by buses are poor vehicle maintenance, inadequate enforcement of rules and regulations, and inappropriate vehicle type and size.

Poorly maintained buses use more fuel and emit excessive exhaust. This is a common problem where maintenance standards, and exhaust emission standards, are not set and enforced. 

School Bus Pollution

Children do not have fully developed immune systems so are much more vulnerable to cancer causing compounds. Children respire at a rate twice that of adults, and are thus more susceptible to the toxicity of airborne diesel particles, vapors and gases.  

The Natural Resources Defense Council has estimated that school bus diesel exposures to children pose as much as 23 to 46 times the cancer risk considered significant under federal law. 

Going to school by bus can be hazardous to our kid's health

A recent study found that children on diesel school buses are exposed to 5 to 15 times more air toxins than the rest of the population. 24 million children travel on 454,000 school buses nationwide. Those buses travel more than four billion miles each year and these kids spend 3 billion hours on these buses. About 90 percent of these buses run on diesel fuel, annually emitting 3,000 tons of cancer-causing soot and 95,000 tons of smog-causing compounds .